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All information about the Evangelischer Regionalverband (Regional Lutheran Association) and our values.

The Evangelischer Regionalverband (Regional Lutheran Association) is an association of Lutheran congregations and the Lutheran Parish of Frankfurt and Offenbach. As a recognised charity and youth welfare provider, we run a wide range of social and educational facilities for people in both cities. Our Department I comprises Lutheran educational facilities and institutions, youth welfare services, and counselling and advice services.

Our counselling services have supported people in times of personal crisis, emergency or conflict for over 55 years. Our assistance always aims to empower people in Frankfurt to live autonomous lives with each other and the wider community. Being part of the Lutheran Church of Frankfurt and Offenbach, this aim is consistent with our Christian ideal of people sharing their lives in solidarity in a way that promotes personal self-determination, responsibility and social participation.

Our services are available to all people in the city as a matter of principle. Our open consultation services provide free counselling and advice to people, regardless of their status, religion, background, gender or sexual orientation. The services provided at our three consultation centres in Eschersheim, Höchst and Offenbach range from family, parenting and youth counselling to couples and life counselling, social counselling in the context of migration and flight, counselling, advice and therapy for refugees, and addiction counselling with a focus on alcohol and gambling addictions, through to debt counselling. We also offer social counselling in five large residential facilities for refugees.

We employ over 50 staff at nine locations. Our employees have degrees in psychology, pedagogy, political studies etc. as well as additional qualifications in a broad range of therapeutic and counselling fields and provide professional counselling services. Qualified Frankfurt residents additionally support our counselling teams as volunteers, including as mentors and by leading support groups.

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