Counselling for Conflict Regulation During Separation & Divorce

Counselling for conflict regulation helps you to reach consensual agreements that are in your children’s best interests.

Contact us if you’re in any of the following situations:

  • You’re separated and engaged in court proceedings regarding access and custody rights?
  • You’re looking for the support of an objective third party?
  • You’d like to agree on arrangements in your child’s best interests?

Sometimes parents need help to agree on access and custody rights for their children after a separation or divorce. Counselling for conflict regulation can assist them to rebuild lost trust. This can support them to reach consensual agreements that are in their children’s best interests. If they achieve that, no court decision is necessary.

This kind of counselling is based on three fundamental concepts:

Children need good, stable relationships with both parents

Relationships cannot be imposed by court decisions

Parents can support their children’s good relationships with the other parent even during times of conflict and separation

You need to be referred to counselling for conflict regulation by the competent court. This is where you can make a relevant application.

In Frankfurt, this court-supported form of counselling has been offered by the Caritas association and the Evangelischer Regionalverband Frankfurt (Frankfurt Regional Lutheran Association) since 2009.


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