Family & Raising Children

We’re the right place if you want help with any of your minor or major problems around family life and the raising of your children.

Visit us for issues such as the following:

  • You’re overwhelmed by your parenting responsibilities
  • Your child has difficulties with their friends, at pre-school, school or at their training or job
  • You’re unsure about parenting matters or disagree with your partner
  • Your child is entering puberty, and you’re having difficulties
  • There is conflict between you and your partner and within your family
  • You have separated or are thinking about separation or divorce and don’t know what to do
  • You’ve just had a child and want to do everything right
  • You’re pregnant and have lots of questions

Consultations are voluntary and free of charge. All consultations are confidential. Interpreters are engaged as necessary.

Our qualified counsellors are educational specialists, psychologists and social pedagogues. We’ve been awarded the “Verified Quality” label of the national German Educational Counselling & Guidance Conference.