Supervised Contact

We help you maintain contact with your children throughout difficult situations.

Contact us if:

  • You haven’t seen your child in a while
  • The family court or youth welfare office have recommended or required supervised or protected contact

Each child has a right to have contact with both parents. Each parent is entitled and obliged to have contact with their children. However, contact and access can sometimes be problematic. This may happen if there is severe conflict between the parents, or one parent engages in behaviour that places the child’s well-being at risk (e.g. through alcohol or drug use). In these cases, it can be useful to have contact under the supervision of a professional for some time. This allows children to stay in touch with their parents even in difficult situations.

Your contact persons

Claudia Hauer



069 / 53 02 220


Andrea Schare



069 / 75 93 672 10