Addiction Support Group “Freundeskreis Frankfurt & Offenbach” (Frankfurt & Offenbach Circle of Friends)

The Freundeskreis support group provides assistance to both people with addictions and their families. Everybody who wants to engage with addiction problems is warmly welcome.

People who have found their way out of addiction have valuable experiences. They know what they’re talking about. The volunteer addiction counsellors of Freundeskreis Frankfurt & Offenbach are past addicts who have undergone training in order to obtain qualifications for this type of work.

The Freundeskreis Frankfurt & Offenbach is an association of support groups cooperating with the Evangelische Suchtberatung (Lutheran Addiction Counselling). The work of the Freundeskreis support groups is based on personal relationships. Group members will see and understand you as a whole person.

The support groups of the Freundeskreis Frankfurt & Offenbach are led by volunteers who share their knowledge and experience.

Open consultations by recovered addicts

An open consultation by volunteer addiction counsellors is held every Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the Alte Backstube Café, Dominikanergasse 7.

Dates, places and focus areas of the addiction support groups of Freundeskreis Frankfurt & Offenbach:

Your contact persons

Monika Schiemann

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