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We train carers in dealing with risky consumption behaviours among older people.

This training is offered as part of the “Addiction in Older Age” project of the City of Frankfurt.

Sucht im Alter

We discuss cases together. We then provide counselling for affected older people, their carers or family members, if requested. Counselling is provided on-site in support facilities for the elderly.

The following institutions work on this project together with the Evangelische Suchtberatung Frankfurt am Main (Lutheran Addiction Counselling, Frankfurt):

  • Victor-Gollancz-Haus, Sossenheim
  • Sozial- und Rehazentrum West, Rödelheim
  • Heinrich-Schleich-Haus, Fechenheim.

Your contact persons

Monika Schiemann

Sekretariat & Anmeldung


069 / 53 02 302


Martin Meding



069 / 53 02 301