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We provide young people with counselling and advice in case of difficulties at home, at school or in their private lives.

Contact us about issues such as:

  • Sometimes it feels like everything is getting too much?
  • There’s nothing but stress at home?
  • Things aren’t working out with friends?
  • Stress at school has become unbearable?
  • Your relationship is in crisis?
  • You’re weighed down by a secret?

We’re the right place if you want help with any of these issues and problems. We’ll listen, consider possible solutions together with you and help you to help yourself. All this is strictly confidential and free of charge for you.

When you call us, you’re given an appointment with one of our counsellors. You don’t need to provide much information at all over the phone.

For further information:

Your contact persons

Claudia Hauer



069 / 53 02 220


Andrea Schare



069 / 75 93 672 10